My #VizGoals for Q1 2018

I have been thinking about my #VizGoals for 2018 in the last few days and decided to write a short blog about them, partly to hold myself to account and partly to make a start on number 3 🙂

So here they are…I have limited myself to five goals I feel I can achieve in the first three months of the year:

  • Don’t look for a job

That’s right, don’t look for a job.  I have been on a career break since last November and have found the additional development time to be incredibly rewarding.  It also allows more time for volunteer work with Code Club and The Cinnamon Trust.

I feel privileged to be able to do this, and want to use the opportunity more wisely than my last career break in 2007 (when I spent two weeks trying – and failing – to get to the Solovetsky Islands, then took an identical job at a different organisation).

  • Think like a Data Journalist

What do I mean by this?  Every now and again I see a visualisation on Twitter that I immediately want to open on my desktop and explore, or one that gives me a completely fresh angle on something I thought I knew.

This time last year I asked Andy Kirk for advice on developing a portfolio, and his advice was to think like a Data Journalist.  By doing this – searching for data, finding new angles, researching and adding context – I aim to create some of these myself.

  • Blog frequently

I plan to blog more frequently, and not get hung up on whether I feel I have anything to add to other blogs that are out there.  Hopefully the discipline of blogging will be its own reward, and developing my voice will mean some worthwhile insights emerge.

  • Broaden my learning

I would like to broaden my learning as well as deepen my Tableau knowledge, so possibly D3, maybe R, but most likely Python (which may also help with Code Club).  I bought a discounted annual subscription to DataCamp in December, so it is time to start using it.

  • Become a Tableau Desktop Certified Professional

In December I became a Qualified Associate, so my next step is Certified Professional.  If anyone has any advice on how to successfully prepare, please let me know in the comments!

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