Why I haven’t blogged or done Makeover Monday recently

This could be the least asked question since “How can I hire Lynton Crosby?” but the stats show this blog still gets a few views each day.  So why the radio silence?

The short answer is that after a lot of lobbying I finally secured Tableau for my team at work, and my development time since has been spent putting together a training plan and creating dashboards for real-life work scenarios, none of which I can share.

Which got me thinking: how much of what people do in Tableau is hidden behind company firewalls?

I did get a peek behind the curtain at the Midlands Tableau User Group last Tuesday with a demo on how Parexel use Tableau (as a portal for multiple external users: an interesting contrast with how we use it as an inward-facing tool to answer business questions using data).

I also created one viz I can share, inspired by an example in the excellent Big Book of Dashboards.  There is a screenprint below, and the interactive jitterplot can be accessed here.

Like everyone in the field I get inspiration from other people’s work, and used Steve Wexler’s post I’ve Got the Jitters (and I Like it!) to create the main chart (albeit the data points are ordered by club name, rather than randomized).  Another reason to keep Tableau Public!

Are home attendance and success related.

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