The Friday project – week 19

A late – and short – blog post this week as I write from my sickbed, stricken by a bout of man flu…

This week’s lesson: find your angle

My thoughts this week harked back to Andy Kirk’s original advice to think like a Data Journalist: the importance of finding an angle.

Makeover Monday has some excellent examples of this every week, and it is amazing to see just what completely different tacks people take using the same data.

Week 16 had some particular fine examples (take a look at Adam Crahen’s below or read Mike Cisneros’ blog post Going a Different Way: The NHS Dataset).  And if you don’t already follow Mike’s blog, you should – it is a must read.

adam crahen

So I started week 19 looking for an angle, but with limited time to grapple with what seemed a complex and incomplete dataset I landed on a fairly superficial subject for my viz: car price by colour.

I was reasonably happy with my final, simple, colourful design (a lollipop chart using custom marks), and finished it within my hour timeframe, so: a partial success.

Car colour and price

My second viz was made the day after Chelsea won the Premier League, and was triggered by a curious stat I saw that morning: that my team Ipswich Town had been Champions of England more recently than Spurs.

My first step was to find the most recent season each English club has been crowned Champions and show it as a bar chart, but it felt….boring, so with a bit of googling I found the exact date that each team had last won the league and cross-referenced against a list of UK number ones.

It is barely Data Visualisation at all but I had found my angle (look how young Elvis looks, and Madonna!) and I think the songs are more redolent of times past than a number on a bar chart:

Funny how time slips away

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