The Friday project – week 18

This week’s lesson: be timely

Last week I was experimenting with an infographic to celebrate Lionel Messi’s 500th goal for Barcelona. I was reasonably happy with the results as it is not my normal style, but like La Liga defences, I was playing catch-up.

Messi scored his 500th goal in the game again Real on Sunday 23rd April so I had earmarked the following Thursday to put together my viz (I know – it is called the Friday project – but I had a window in my schedule).

The problem was that Barcelona had a game against lowly Osasuna on the Wednesday night, and Messi scored another two!

messi tweet

With this in mind I was interested to hear earlier in the week that Roma’s new Sporting Director had revealed that Francesco Totti will retire at the end of the season.

Like Messi, Totti is a one-club man and a legendary figure in European football, although unlike Messi he is under appreciated in the UK (check out Hoddle and Souness on Totti if you don’t believe me).

So this seemed like an opportunity to develop the infographic with a new subject, and be ahead of the game when the man himself confirms his retirement, or plays his last game for the club.

As with Andy Kirk’s original advice, although this was far from a scoop, I was beginning to think more like a Data Journalist.

Here is the infographic below, or take a look at the interactive version on Tableau public to use the hover options and play the YouTube video.totti

And, talking of timeliness, here is the Makeover Monday remake I did on Saturday…just the five days late!

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