The Friday project – week 16

This week’s lesson: always be accurate

This week I managed to squeeze in two quick vizzes, and made mistakes with both of them.

In my work life I know how inaccuracy (or even perceived inaccuracy) can erode confidence in an individual, team or department if it is not addressed.

The diagram below illustrates this well for me, although it can be flawed analysis or processes, rather than data, that erodes confidence.

data wheel

Mistake #1 – Makeover Monday

So here is mistake number 1 – see if you can spot the difference:

Here are the top skills - original with mistake

Here are the top skills

Got it? For some reason I misread the first country as Austria, not Australia, and edited the alias and added a flag symbol for the wrong country. Total brain freeze!

Fellow Makeover Monday enthusiast Athan noticed my mistake and let me know (thanks Athan!). I am not up on my emojis but I like to think this one means “you total bellend”.


So what did I do wrong? I rushed, I didn’t compare my finished viz to the original, and I didn’t ask anyone to check it for me. Note to self: be more patient at work when my team cock up.

Mistake #2 – Messi infographic

One of the objectives of the Friday project is for me to broaden my approach and experiment with different styles, so for my other viz I attempted a more infographic-style approach to mark Messi’s 500th goal for Barcelona.

So it is spot the difference time again…

Lionel Messi - original with mistake

Lionel Messi

Got it? The number of FIFA Balon d’Or awards.

So this one was a little more understandable. In the list on Messi’s wikipedia page there are four years where he won the Balon d’Or.

wiki awards

The difference this time was that I double checked against the text of the article, which says he won five Balon d’Ors:

wiki text

So what is going on? Long story short, the Balon d’Or had a different name in 2009 (FIFA World Player of the Year), so both were correct. As with the article, I retained the current and most widely known name in my viz.

The other big difference – I checked before I published my viz so it was right first time. Maybe I am learning something, after all?

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