The Friday project – week 15

This week’s lesson: they can’t all be winners

bad santa

This week’s lesson comes from Bad Santa, as once again I was playing catch up with Makeover Monday, looking at how Gold and Crude Oil prices change over time.

Normally I try and avoid #MakeoverMonday on twitter but this week I had already seen several entries, including this fantastic effort from Pooja Gandhi:


My problem? I couldn’t think of any other way of showing the data…area charts seemed like the obvious choice, and it seemed perverse not to use gold and black as colours.

Given my limitations (technical and self-imposed – I try and complete every Makeover Monday in an hour) I ended up creating the candy corn in the calendar, a kind of Pooja-lite:

Gold and Oil prices

Acceptable on its own terms, but lacking in comparison with the superior original, I had made my own Bad Santa 2.

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