The Friday project – week 12

This week’s lesson: steal like an artist

This week’s Makeover Monday subject was basketball’s March Madness, and it didn’t take me long to sketch out my design: small multiple slope charts showing the results for each year’s winner, with colour denoting the difference in seeding between the two teams.

However Ann Jackson’s entry from last week had lodged in my mind. Would area charts look better, with the horizontal line aiding comparison of the margins of victory?


In short, yes. My final version is a blatant steal – and I credited Ann in my tweet. The overall viz needs some work (I want to revisit to add conditional text showing the overall winner, loser and score), but I feel the area charts work reasonably well, and highlight those rare years where the underdog triumphed.

March madness tweet

So why the blog title “Steal like an artist”? Well I stole it from Alberto Cairo, who stole is from Austin Kleon. And the blog subject? Stolen from Neil Richard’s Is it OK to steal?, and Ryan Sleeper’s Data Visualization: The Stolen Art.

So in that spirit I will steal Neil’s last sentence: “if anyone ever wants to steal from me, then I know, unlikely as it seems, that I will have made it!”.


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