The Friday project – week 10

This week’s lessons: embrace serendipity, and use the right tools!

While checking twitter this morning, I came across the following tweet from my ex-colleague Ferg:

ferg tweet

Lucky Ferg, I thought! (Or something like that). Then I checked out Raw Graphs.

Last week I blogged about how complex it was to create a Sankey diagram in Tableau, and how the process felt more like a test of how well I could follow instructions than a creative exercise.

So could I create a Sankey using Raw Graphs? Two minutes later I had my answer: you bet!

The Sankey on the left took me about two hours to do in Tableau (about the same as a flight from the UK to Milan), the Sankey on the right took me two minutes with Raw Graphs:

All I had to do was paste in the data and choose my graph type. Another lesson learned!

Using the right tool also meant that I could revisit my original intention from last Friday to redesign the diagram below:


Here is a screenshot of my first attempt at a redesign, Visualising UK Labour Market Flows. Although I lost some interactivity by pasting the Raw Graphs Sankey as an image, I think it works as part of a larger dashboard:

Labour Market Flows


The other visualisation I created this week was about the Top 500 YouTube Games Channels for Makeover Monday. For this one I wanted to embed videos of the two highest performing channels within the dashboard.

Sounds like it could be tricky, right? Not at all. I just had to chose Web Page for the dashboard object, drag, enter the URL, and resize. Another example of using the right tools for the job!

YouTube Games Channels

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