The Friday project – week 7

A really quick update today as I have been battling a heavy cold (just in time for my week off!)

Luckily the weather was so bad on Sunday that I had Makeover Monday in the bag before the week even started – here is the finished viz:


It is a simple viz but I feel that it brings out the two most interesting themes I found in the data: the unexpectedly large (for me – I must be a cheapskate!)  amount Americans spend, and the fact that they don’t just spend on their partners. Who knew!

The respective areas of the heart shapes are harder to compare than, say, a bar graph, but you can discern the more obvious trends, and the detail for each data point is available in the tooltips, including what percentage of people spent in each category.

And that is it for today – I did start compiling a dataset of English football league positions I hope to complete and use in the future, but it was a bit of a write-off as far as vizzing goes.

If I am feeling better I will probably do Makeover Monday early next week – after seeing the 100% club t-shirts for 2016 my aim is a full set for 2017!


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