The Friday project – week 6

A shorter blog today so I will start with my effort for Makeover Monday.

Cab usage in Chicago

Unfortunately I had to use the smaller dataset which only included 2015 and 2016 data for pick-ups from the Near North Side.

Here is the final viz below – my original idea was to create two: one showing the overall trends and one narrowing the focus to a specific angle, possibly cab usage on St Patrick’s Day.

In the end I only had time to show the overall view, and used a much simpler design than my original plan to showing multiple view of the data in a dashboard style.

I think it tells a clear story though, and it was another opportunity to experiment with design and colour in a way it would be hard to do in my day job.

I also learned how to add an info button which provides more information when you hover over it in Tableau Desktop, an approach I will definitely take again to keep my visualisations uncluttered.


Working on my CV

From Monday to Thursday I work for Lloyds Banking Group, and blog about Data Visualisation on their version of Jive.

The group has been a great way of connecting with people all across the Group who have an interest in Data Visualisation, and is the 25th most viewed out of over 4,000 groups.

One of the most popular threads has been on infographic CVs, and I spent the rest of the day turning mine into something a bit more visual.

Here is the result (I will update the featured visualisations as my portfolio improves) – let me know what you think!


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